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New York Times narrowly averts records management disaster

Here's a feel-good story that comes with a strong lesson on the importance of coming up with a plan to protect your paper-based archives  before  you need it.

China apparently behind 'largest DDoS' in GitHub's history

The Chinese government apparently was behind the massive distributed denial of service attack that took code library GitHub offline for a number of days, beginning March 26, according to a report by the New York Times.

Cloud Conspiracy Review: End of the road for new technology, proclaims newspaper

It was a good go for a promising new technology, but alas, dozens of services outages and one or two bankruptcies doomed cloud computing at the starting gate. I know. I read it in the Times.

Spotlight: Glass coffee table almost shattered Microsoft-Nokia megadeal

Microsoft's $7 billion acquisition of Nokia's mobile phone business was almost undone by a glass coffee table. That's right, a coffee table.

New York Times site attacked; simple 'registry lock' might have prevented damage

The New York Times  website was rendered unavailable on Tuesday afternoon. The attack was perpetrated against its domain name registrar, Melbourne IT, by "the Syrian Electronic Army, or someone trying very hard to be them," according to Marc Frons, CIO of the New York Times Company.

If US attacks Syria, expect more cyberattacks by the Syrian Electronic Army

If the U.S. government moves ahead with an attack on the Syrian government over alleged chemical weapons use, the Syrian Electronic Army is likely to step up its cyberattacks on U.S. websites, warns a cybersecurity expert.

How startup Enigma could change the big data game

Enigma's platform will break down the barriers that exist between various local, state, federal and institutional search portals.

Nokia says net loss shrank due in part to improved Lumia sales

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia reported a smaller net loss in the first quarter of 2013, due in part to growth in sales of its Windows Phone-based Lumia smartphones.

Apple abuses detailed in Pulitzer-Prize-winning NYT investigative series

In a series of articles that won the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for explanatory reporting this week, the New York Times accused Apple of sidestepping billions of dollars in taxes and ignoring labor abuses and hazardous working conditions at its suppliers' factories.

Putting big data in the '-ism' category

Data-ism assumes that that everything that can be measured should be measured and that data is a transparent and reliable lens that allows us to filter out emotionalism and ideology. Is it?