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Latest Headlines

Finally, someone to blame for the ransomware surge, just don't feed the hackers

The end of last year saw a significant uptick in incidents where system administrators were denied access to their technology until they paid hackers ransom.

IoT latest target for nation-states: US to blame Iran for dam attack

According to CNN, the Obama administration is "preparing to publicly attribute a 2013 cyber attack against a New York dam to Iranian hackers." According to that same report, the Justice Department has prepared an indictment against the attackers and an announcement of such is expected this week. In that attack, the hackers weren't able to move beyond back office systems to the dam's operational systems, fortunately. But there's no denying that the IoT is swiftly opening doors for hackers to create harm in the real world.

Security breaches traced back to antivirus software

Hackers are targeting and exploiting vulnerabilities in antivirus products from top vendors such as Kaspersky Lab, ESET, Avast, AVG, Malwarebytes and Intel Security (McAfee), according to a new report at InfoWorld.

Additional problems found in pre-installed Dell software

Dell PCs are shipping with more than one self-signed root certificate that comes complete with their corresponding private key, according to a new report on Computerworld.

Hackers see IoT devices as easy, lucrative targets, says AT&T

As more companies look to Internet of Things devices and platforms to improve efficiency and reduce costs, cybercriminals are looking at IoT as a lucrative attack vector. In fact, the number of times hackers have probed for IoT vulnerability soared a staggering 458 percent, according to a new cybersecurity report AT&T released Thursday.

Would your IT manager go rogue for $2,000?

Would your IT manager become a hacker for $2,000 or less? Maybe.

Hackers in chains: Class of 2015

Last year, we had a roundup of the longest prison sentences for hackers. This year we decided to document the newest jailbirds while calling attention to the hackers who got their sentences reduced or cut altogether. Here's the latest class of hackers in chains. 

News Scan: Microsoft, Yahoo add opt-out clause to search deal; Healthcare the overwhelming favorite hacker target; More

The top news stories for April 21, 2015.

Don't worry: 'Password' is not the most popular password

Don't worry. The word "password" is not the most popular password out there. People are apparently catching on that passwords need to be stronger. So most opt for … wait for it … "123456."

FBI recruiting for brand new cyber special agent corps

The FBI has been kept plenty busy investigating large-scale and wide-spread data breaches, and is responding by recruiting a new elite corps of FBI cyber special agents.