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Latest Headlines

News Scan: Facebook unveils mobile search engine; Walgreens launches mobile medical advice; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT stories for Tuesday, Dec. 9, including Facebook bringing its search engine to mobile devices, Walgreens launching mobile app for constant medical advice, smartphone shipments surging 6.1 percent in Western Europe, conservative banks making foray into mobile payments and enterprises showing increased interest in mobile enterprise apps.

Why some organizations are replacing their stock PHP interpreters with Facebook's speedier version

WordPress hosting site WP Engine has discovered that the HipHip Virtual Machine executes PHP commands some 5.6 times faster than a standard PHP interpreter. And Box says it saw the average request latency dropped by a factor of three when it switched to HHVM.

News Scan: Newly discovered malware proves especially crafty; Apple Pay makes an impressive debut: more;

The top news stories for Nov. 24, 2014.

Spotlight: WhatsApp adds encryption feature for Android users

WhatsApp, the popular messaging service acquired by Facebook for $22 billion, has added end-to-end encryption for some mobile users, reports Threatpost.

News Scan: Cisco tests enterprise collab app; Facebook to launch Facebook at Work; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for Nov. 18, including the new idea Cisco has for enterprise apps, Facebook's reported foray into the enterprise app market, the expected boost for carrier Wi-Fi gear, an app development product from Kinvey and how Google is letting Apple win for indoor location.

News Scan: Is Facebook at Work coming to your office?; US launches effort to develop two ultra-fast supercomputers; More

The top news stories for Nov. 18, 2014.

Box takes on Dropbox--with better design, apps and a widget

When it comes to the enterprise vote, Box wins hands-down with its wonderfully dependable regulatory compliance shining brightly against Dropbox's ruleless reign. But there's a reason Dropbox remains so popular among users: design that is user-friendly. 

To censor or not to censor, that is the question

To censor or not to censor, that is the legal and ethical question.

Are comments necessary? Tell me what you think in comments

Reuters' official offloading of reader comments for news articles last week to Facebook is the latest event in an ongoing trend. But it's probably not the trend you're thinking of.

Facebook open sources Proxygen HTTP framework, Web server

Facebook has taken the wraps off Proxygen, a C++ HTTP framework for high-performance Web environments.