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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Microsoft and Facebook team on transatlantic cable to make the web more reliable

Microsoft and Facebook are teaming up to build what could be the most powerful transatlantic fiber optic cable yet, The Next Web said, all in an effort to make the web more reliable for everyone.

Help wanted: A CIO for Facebook

Timothy Campos, the CIO of Facebook, announced via a Facebook post that he has decided to leave the company at the "end of this year," and Facebook has finally put up the job listing to replace him. 

Facebook at Work carves a unique spot in the enterprise social market

Facebook's venture into the enterprise has been a small, select party thus far, but that could soon change as an executive at the social media giant, Julien Codorniou, told Business Insider earlier this month that a launch date out of private beta is "very close."

How Facebook became my go-to communications tool

I've lost track of the number of various text-based chat apps that have been installed on my phones over the last several years. SMS messaging, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, Skype – and I'm pretty sure there are many, many more.

Spotlight: New advocacy group aims to support tech in NYC

AOL, Bloomberg, Google and Facebook are among the companies involved in Tech:NYC, an association that plans to advocate for New York City's tech community.

See how Facebook uses Chef to manage server configurations

Facebook released 14 of its Chef cookbooks to the public. Open sourcing the cookbooks enables anybody to use Facebook's model for managing and automating configurations and changes of servers.

Facebook, Microsoft say they pay women as much as men

In honor of Equal Pay Day, which falls on April 12, the two tech giants each released statements saying that they pay their female and male employees equally.

Facebook Messenger snags KLM as its first airline customer for commercial chatting

KLM customers can now use the chat app to obtain flight confirmations, boarding passes, reminders, flight status updates and help from a customer service representative.

Spotlight: Messaging app Line rivals Facebook Messenger with open chat bot API

Line made a slew of announcements just weeks before Facebook's platform is set to open to third-party bots. Among the announcements were plans to give developers access to an upcoming chat bot API, setting the company even more directly at odds with Facebook.

Facebook's Open Compute Project gains a big win at Equinix

Facebook's Open Compute Project scored a big win this week as data center and interconnection company Equinix rolled out elements of OCP technology within its International Business Exchange data centers.