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Latest Headlines

Supersized data: The statistically significant but substantively trivial results conundrum

A lot of things have to come together perfectly for statistically significant to equal something meaningful, starting with--but certainly not ending with--an accurate assessment of the effect of sampling size on standard tests of significance. 

IT hiring managers warn: Beware what you post on social media

A new study finds that what IT pros post on social media can easily come back to haunt them, and a single negative post about a current employer can prevent them from getting the next job.

CEO adoption of social media still abysmally low

A new study finds that less than 10% of CEOs even have a Twitter account.

Mobile report reveals drastic shakeups in user behavior

Sharing content on Facebook is getting stingier. The population browing on smaller phones is shrinking. The most mobile social network is Pinterest. And Wi-Fi still beats mobile networks for browsing. Welcome to some of the highlights of the new Adobe 2014 Mobile Benchmark Report.

Spotlight: Twitter to pay bug bounties to security researchers

Joining the likes of Google, Firefox, Facebook and even Microsoft, Twitter is launching a bug bounty-program to reward researchers for finding and reporting vulnerabilities in its platform,

Spotlight: At last, a rational explanation for why so many social network people are fake

I would have skipped this video after having skimmed through the title alone-"Facebook Fraud"--which on the surface appears to be blatant click-bait. But hear me out on this one.

Spotlight: Facebook Messenger privacy fears? Here's what you need to know

In the name of balance, give this post in the  Wall Street Journal  a read for a different perspective.

Facebook security acquisition points to something like a CDN

A small acquisition in the security space lends new evidence to the poorly-kept secret that the parent company of Instagram is building up security for its content delivery... rather, for its "edge network".

PHP finally gets a formal specification, 20 years after its creation

The PHP scripting language finally gets a formal specification based on PHP 5.6.

News Scan: Blackberry beefs up security bona fides; iWatch could be Apple's mobile payments play; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for July 29, including the acquisition by BlackBerry to support its security functions, a potential inclusion of NFC for the next batch of Apple products, uncharted mobile territory for the Pirate Bay, more movement to Mobile for Facebook and what the FTC is doing to jam up cramming.