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Latest Headlines

See how Facebook uses Chef to manage server configurations

Facebook released 14 of its Chef cookbooks to the public. Open sourcing the cookbooks enables anybody to use Facebook's model for managing and automating configurations and changes of servers.

Facebook, Microsoft say they pay women as much as men

In honor of Equal Pay Day, which falls on April 12, the two tech giants each released statements saying that they pay their female and male employees equally.

Facebook Messenger snags KLM as its first airline customer for commercial chatting

KLM customers can now use the chat app to obtain flight confirmations, boarding passes, reminders, flight status updates and help from a customer service representative.

Spotlight: Messaging app Line rivals Facebook Messenger with open chat bot API

Line made a slew of announcements just weeks before Facebook's platform is set to open to third-party bots. Among the announcements were plans to give developers access to an upcoming chat bot API, setting the company even more directly at odds with Facebook.

Facebook's Open Compute Project gains a big win at Equinix

Facebook's Open Compute Project scored a big win this week as data center and interconnection company Equinix rolled out elements of OCP technology within its International Business Exchange data centers.

Can Facebook give enterprise social networking life?

Enterprise social networking may finally get its chance to shine. According to a Fortune article, Facebook is getting ready to release its business-focused social network product in the next few months.

WhatsApp gets 7 year itch, dumps BlackBerry

It appears that WhatsApp might have the seven year itch. Shortly after celebrating its seventh anniversary, Facebook's mobile messaging app said it was dumping the BlackBerry operating system and a number of other older operating systems by the end of the year.

IBM aims to bring GitHub to the enterprise

Enterprise adoption of Git has experienced strong growth over the last three years, but a new partnership between GitHub and IBM could see much that adoption accelerate. The partnership deal puts GitHub on IBM's Bluemix platform as a service.

Enterprise social networking is still slow to catch on

Enterprise social networking is an odd duck. One part collaboration, one part watercooler chit-chat and one part team building exercise – it's a technology that has struggled to find its customer base.

French privacy regulators move against Facebook ahead of Privacy Shield

CNIL, the French data protection authority, came down hard on Facebook. It gave the social media giant only three months to stop tracking non-users' web activities and ordered a stop on data transfers to the U.S. Interestingly, this could mean more than just a French action. It could pressure the EU to follow suit instead of waiting on the Privacy Shield to fail or be approved as was originally the plan.