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Latest Headlines

Infographic: Enterprises increasingly use cloud access security brokers to secure cloud access

One-quarter of enterprises will secure access to cloud-based services using a cloud access security broker platform, up from less than 1 percent in 2012, according to an infographic prepared by cloud security gateway provider Bitglass.

Obligatory post-nudity-exposure opinion piece

There comes a point where the sheer volume of "Lessons Learned" pieces in the wake of the Great Celebrity Cloud Hack points to a deeper problem than the ridiculousness of password-based security.

Mobile cloud security firm Bitglass pockets $25M in VC funding

Bitglass, a provider of mobile cloud security for the enterprise, has secured another $25 million in venture capital funding, adding to the $10 million it has already raised, the company announced Tuesday.

Where do we plant the root of trust?

The problem of securing identity in a network of both mobile devices and clouds is only growing more complex.  A solution may require us to transcend what we think we know.

Despite cloud enthusiasm, IT security pros not convinced data is secure

While enterprises rush to adopt cloud services, many IT security pros remain concerned about the security of corporate data stored in it.

Is the cloud more secure today than yesterday?

Organizations remain uncertain of the integrity of the cloud. But can the company that brought you Windows XP allay your concerns?

Russian leaker says free cloud-based Windows is coming--but will that turn users into product?

A Russian leaker, Wzor, says Windows Cloud, a limited loss leader version to tempt users to subscribe to get the full features, is headed our way soon. While freeware has always been a great tactic in increasing software subscriptions, given how much data is harvested via "free" software and social media services these days, I have to wonder if this move too might turn users from their former categorization as customers into product.

State of the Cloud report: 'Cloud security concerns are abating'

The longer an enterprise maintains a cloud deployment--be it public, hybrid or private--the less worried it becomes, not only about security but everything else, according to the latest survey numbers from RightScale.

Spotlight: Bruce force attacks against cloud infrastructure on the rise

Brute force attacks and vulnerability scans against cloud hosting provider environments have increased markedly, according to Alert Logic's 2014 Cloud Security Report.

Microsoft snoops on blogger's email account

Tell me again why the cloud is such a great thing? Oh, yeah, it's cheap. Is it really? Because it isn't looking cheap from here nor I suspect from where that French blogger is sitting now.