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Latest Headlines

Amazon initiates massive reboot of cloud servers

Amazon Web Services has started updating a large number of its cloud servers, and initiating a rolling update of thousands of Elastic Computer Cloud servers, starting last Friday to this Tuesday. The relevant notification went out to affected users last Wednesday.

Microsoft releases complete list of improvements to Windows 8.1 in 'August Update'

Microsoft released a long list of tweaks and features that it rolled out in its August 2014 update for Windows 8.1.

Do bug bounties make the Internet more secure?

Some big names in software have been offering bounties to researchers who find security vulnerabilities in their programs, while other big software makers forego the tactic. Mozilla, PayPal and Google have shelled out a lot of cash for bugs, while Microsoft, Apple and Adobe prefer not to pay for such discoveries. Do the bug bounty programs make the Internet any more secure, asks Kim Zetter at Wired.

Mozilla blocks Skype add-on after it triggers 33,000 Firefox crashes in a week

Mozilla late last week initiated a "soft-block" of all versions of Skype's Firefox extension after the company's add-on was found to have been the cause of 33,000 browser crashes in a single week.

Skype outage blamed on bug in its Windows client

Skype experienced an outage of approximately 24 hours last week after suffering a critical failure on its peer-to-peer platform. The initial flashpoint was understood to have occurred at 8am PST on

OpenBSD Founder: Contractor tried to write back doors

Theo de Raadt, the founder and leader of the OpenBSD project personally believes that the now-defunct Network Security Technology (NetSec) company did attempt to write backdoors in the BSD code base.

Java exploits reach unprecedented levels, according to Microsoft

New data from the Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) Malware Protection Center notes a skyrocketing level of Java exploits, recently detected. The figures are stark, indeed: Microsoft says some six million

Large Patch Tuesday from Microsoft this month

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) is set to issue a total of nine security updates to fix a total of 11 bugs found in Windows and the Office productivity suite today. This is a new high for the Redmond-based

Researcher: Adobe patch does not fully resolve critical vulnerability

Adobe (NASDAQ: ADBE) last Tuesday released a major update to address a number of vulnerabilities in its popular PDF reader and Acrobat software. According to the company, 18 different vulnerabilities

Firefox previews new feature to protect against Flash crashes

Mozilla has released a new feature in a developer preview of the popular Firefox browser. In a nutshell, plug-ins such as Adobe Flash will be run as a separate process, which serves to protect the