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Latest Headlines

Amazon initiates massive reboot of cloud servers

Amazon Web Services has started updating a large number of its cloud servers, and initiating a rolling update of thousands of Elastic Computer Cloud servers, starting last Friday to this Tuesday. The relevant notification went out to affected users last Wednesday.

Microsoft releases complete list of improvements to Windows 8.1 in 'August Update'

Microsoft released a long list of tweaks and features that it rolled out in its August 2014 update for Windows 8.1.

Do bug bounties make the Internet more secure?

Some big names in software have been offering bounties to researchers who find security vulnerabilities in their programs, while other big software makers forego the tactic. Mozilla, PayPal and Google have shelled out a lot of cash for bugs, while Microsoft, Apple and Adobe prefer not to pay for such discoveries. Do the bug bounty programs make the Internet any more secure, asks Kim Zetter at Wired.

OpenBSD Founder: Contractor tried to write back doors

Theo de Raadt, the founder and leader of the OpenBSD project personally believes that the now-defunct Network Security Technology (NetSec) company did attempt to write backdoors in the BSD code base.

Researcher to demonstrate chip-specific attack code

Security research Kris Kaspersky plans to demonstrate how processor bugs can be leveraged to remotely attack a computer with nothing more than JavaScript or TCP/IP packets. The scary thing here

Test, test, and test some more

Continuous testing during a project's development is the most important indicator of whether you will deliver a relatively bug-free, quality product. Even post-deployment, periodic testing is

Breaking the rules

When it comes to dealing with software, sometimes breaking the rules makes sense. For example, forget the idea that software must always be financed from the capital expenditures budget rather

Open-source gaining steam for internal development

Although most companies still rely on vendor-created software to develop key internal systems, a growing number of organizations are branching out into the world of open-source, where the

Some companies plan to delay Vista upgrades

Citing compatibility and security concerns, some IT professionals plan to delay upgrading their users to Microsoft Vista. The results, detailed in a survey by Zoomerang for security vendor Bit9,

A bounty for Vista bugs

If you've discovered code that creates a security vulnerability in Microsoft's newest operating system Vista, you could be rewarded with some big bucks. VeriSign iDefense Labs is launching another