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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Microsoft releases updates to Skype apps for iPhone, iPad

Microsoft released on Monday updates to its Skype apps for iPhone and iPad, with new shortcuts to detected data and improved multitasking capabilities, reported AppleInsider.

Google steps up mobile digital assistant game

Google is stepping up its efforts in the mobile digital assistant game, according to a post on the official Google Search blog. The voice assistant found in the Google mobile application now better understands the natural speech of humans and is smarter when it comes to the context of questions people ask.

Spotlight: Apple has no plans to merge iPad and Mac

Apple has no plans to create an iPad-Mac hybrid, CEO Tim Cook told the Independent.ie on Sunday.

Apple revises search algorithms to make App Store apps easier to find

With more app developers developing enterprise apps for iOS devices, the ability to find those apps on the Apple App Store has become crucial. Well, Apple appears to have done some behind the scenes work to make its App Store search engine more user friendly.

Key iPad Pro peripherals aimed at enterprise users not yet available

Apple is targeting its iPad Pro at the enterprise with stylus and keyboard, but these key peripherals are not yet available.

Microsoft Office apps upgraded, optimized for iPad Pro

Microsoft announced Wednesday the availability of its Office apps – optimized for iOS 9's new multitasking features like Split View and Slide Over – on the iPad Pro that officially went on sale this week.

Mozilla pushes Firefox mobile browser for iOS devices with features similar to desktop offering

Enterprises that recommend workers use Firefox for their PCs can now access that browser on iOS devices. Mozilla released a mobile version of its Firefox browser for Apple smartphones and tablets this week.

Some Mac users find apps unavailable due to expired security certificate

Some Mac users this week found they were unable to use apps that they'd downloaded from the Mac App Store. The culprit: an expired security certificate. 

IPad Pro: Specs for the enterprise and an OS for the consumer may lead to a device for nobody

With the iPad Pro, going on sale Wednesday, Apple takes another step to try to better capture the enterprise market. But the specs and software included on the tablet raise one question: Who exactly in the workforce is this device for?

Spotlight: Apple's Cook says PCs make no sense for the modern business

Apple's Chief Executive is intent on pushing his newest product, the iPad Pro, to the professional set, and he doesn't mind throwing the traditional desktop under the bus to do it.