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Latest Headlines

Samsung plans innovation in enterprise wearable space

Here at FierceMobileIT we've been curious about the use of wearables within the enterprise. We've covered everything from Google Glass at airports to Apple Watch in factories, and now Samsung is detailing its plans for innovation within the enterprise wearable space.

Spotlight: Got tattoos? Maybe Apple Watch is not for you

Apple admitted this week that the heart rate monitor on the Apple Watch, which uses a light sensor, might not work for people with arm tattoos.

Apple, IBM take their enterprise mobility roadshow to Japan

Apple and IBM are taking their enterprise mobility partnership overseas through an agreement signed with Japan Post to make it easier to check on elderly residents, the companies announced Thursday.

Galaxy Tab A is latest product in Samsung's enterprise push

Not wanting Apple to run away with the mobile enterprise market, Samsung has been focusing on developing mobile devices and security platforms, like KNOX, to convince IT departments that its products are right for the workplace. Its latest effort is the new Galaxy Tab A loaded with enterprise-ready features.

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Marriott launches Apple Watch app to streamline hotel processes for guests

The key to creating a successful wearable program is presenting sensible use cases for the end user. The clearest way developers have built those use cases is by expanding existing processes and pushing them to a wearable device, which is what Marriott and Apple have teamed up to do on the hotel chain's app for the Apple Watch.

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8 Apple Watch apps, accessories every professional needs

The Apple Watch has made its grand debut today, with many folks in the enterprise slipping the new wearable on. While fashion may keep commuters oohing and ahhing as they stare at peoples' wrists, there are apps and accessories already on their way to pushing this watch from fun gadget into a daily work companion. 

Apple Watch screen durability might not measure up at work

Handle your Apple Watch with care, as it could fall victim to scratches that cause damage to the glass screen.

Serious 'Rootpipe' flaw still alive and exploitable in OS X after patch

A serious privilege escalation bug that was supposedly fixed in Yosemite 10.10.3 update still exploitable, says security researcher.