Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Researchers create malware that can remotely infect the firmware of Macs

Researchers have created new malware that can infect a Mac computer without physical access, and can survive a hard disk wipe.

Apple's iPhone 6 drives 31% increase in high-resolution display shipments, says IHS

Apple is driving the demand for high-resolution displays, with the iPhone making up more than half of all high-resolution display shipments in the first half of this year, according to market research firm IHS.

Report: Apple working on voicemail-to-text technology

According to an article at Business Insider citing unnamed sources, Apple is toying with the idea of using Siri to transcribe voicemails into text messages. 

Amazon opens its AWS Device Farm for iOS app testing

The new tool Amazon pushed to Android and Fire developers to test their apps earlier this month will be extended to iOS soon, in a move that makes the service more competitive with others already on the market. 

Apple warns of possible data corruption for some MacBook Pros

Some 2015 models of the 15-inch, MacBook Pro Retina laptops may have firmware installed that could result in data corruption to their solid-state disks (SSDs). While this should only happen in "rare cases," Apple has quietly pushed out a storage firmware update that it is urging users with the relevant machines to install.

Support for OS X Mountain Lion could be ending soon

The end could be near for OS X Mountain Lion, as Apple prepares to release El Capitan in fall.

Apple-IBM venture releases 10 more enterprise mobile apps that incorporate analytics

Apple and IBM have released 10 more enterprise mobile apps that work on iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches as part of their MobileFirst for iOS venture. The 10 mobile apps, which employ predictive analytics, include apps for managers of shift workers, field service workers, business travelers, mortgage officers and other workers.

Apple sticks with plan to remain mum on Watch sales

Apple executives gave a few hints about how the Apple Watch did in its first quarter on sale but declined to offer specific revenue or sales figures during today's call with financial analysts to discuss the company's third quarter results.

First year for Apple and IBM partnership helps shift focus to UX and design

IBM and Apple are celebrating their anniversary: It's been a year to the day that the two announced their MobileFirst for iOS team-up, an unprecedented joint venture between the tech giants.

Almost all iOS 9 connections will use IPv6, says Apple

The move toward IPv6 is accelerating, as demonstrated by Apple's latest operating systems – iOS 9 for iPhones and iPads and OS X El Capitan for Macs. For the new OSes, IPv6 will be chosen around 99 percent of the time, according to Apple beta testing.