The year of BYOD cooperation, opportunity


Bring Your Own Device programs still get plenty of press, but not enough of it focuses on the good news, according to one mobility expert. Rather than view 2014 as a year of BYOD conflict, he sees it as one of collaboration, cooperation and opportunity.

"The BYOD power struggle between users and IT departments will come to an end and enterprises will finally reach a happy medium around device control," David Berman, president of RingCentral, told FierceCIO.

Berman knows the concerns that IT managers have over device management and data security, but he believes 2014 will be the year that BYOD becomes mainstream, and IT responds accordingly.

"The workplace as we used to know has changed forever as remote and mobile workers become the norm, not the exception," Berman says. "Business will respond to this new breed of worker by empowering employees to take control of their communications needs--lifting a burden from IT, while immensely improving the user experience."

IT managers can expect to see a number of trends this year when it comes to BYOD and mobility, Berman believes. They include:

  • "Interoperability between cloud apps will help content ecosystems finally flourish. These ecosystems will deliverer integrated apps and tools that will enable workforces to achieve true business mobility away from the office. The world will move in the direction where applications on your mobile phone will be just as integrated as applications on your desktop."
  • "Software, not new hardware developments, will make our 'smart' devices smarter and will enable business users to enhance mobile productivity."
  • "Developers will leave the desktop-centric world behind. Productivity and communications tools will now be brought to market with a mobility-first approach and functionality in mind, and not as an afterthought."
  • "As enterprises continue to evaluate the pros and cons of transitioning pieces of mission-critical information to the cloud, security, reliability and quality enhancements will make it easier to answer the question, 'If you can move your CRM to the cloud, why not your communications?"

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