Why we should throw out big data in 2013


Big data was all the rage in 2012, and even those who hate buzzwords got trapped into using the term more than they wanted. One of those was Leena Rao, self-styled abuser of the term, who has decided that the term "big data" is outdated, overly general and doesn't offer any real descriptive meaning.

"In a world where data is the key to most product innovation, being a `big data' startup isn't that unique, and honestly doesn't say much about the company at all," Rao writes in a post at TechCrunch.

Large volumes of data are standard in many business sectors, but there are a variety of ways to sort, cleanse and use the data. Making sense of the information will be key to the success of many businesses, but each will have to figure out the best way to optimize it.

What's more, Rao points out, many large enterprises have been conducting big data projects for years, but they just called them data projects. Analyzing huge data sets isn't new, even though there are new types of data to analyze and new ways to do it.

In the year ahead, it would do everyone a service if vendors pushing "big data solutions" found better ways to describe what they're actually offering. 

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- see Leena Rao's post at TechCrunch

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