Why doctors don't like EHRs


It is well-known that some physicians aren't taking advantage of electronic health record technologies, but their reasons may surprise you. In some medical practices, physicians prefer to "absorb" clinical uncertainty rather than use technology to minimize it, reports Ken Terry at InformationWeek.

A study based on interviews and observations of 28 physicians at a practice in Texas found that perceptions of uncertainty in patient care correlate with EHR use.

Those who like to absorb uncertainty spend more time talking with patients and less time recording data. Those who sought to reduce as much uncertainty as possible spent more time documenting information.

Interestingly, those who made greater use of EHRs did not necessarily have greater tech know-how. Some of the physicians who prefer to absorb uncertainty showed considerable tech knowledge, but they didn't view EHRs as a main source of diagnostic or treatment answers.

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- Ken Terry's article at InformationWeek

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