Who's who in big data

An overview of vendors in the big data space

Your top executives may be asking you about big data, but do they even know what it is they're really looking for? The notion of big data is a bit of a black hole in these early days of the technology, and there is a wide variety of vendors eager to jump in and fill the void. To help sort through the options, Pam Baker offers an overview of players in the space.

The majority of big data vendors are the usual enterprise IT suspects, like IBM (NYSE: IBM), Intel (NASDAQ: INTC), HP (NYSE: HPQ), Oracle, Teradata and Fujitsu, while just 5 percent are "pure-play" vendors, Baker reports in an article at CIO Update. The new, smaller players are likely to be more innovative and agile, but there is the uncertainty that they may not necessarily be around for the long haul.

The tech giants, on the other hand, are financially secure, but they may be less likely to meet your specific needs.

The four leading big data vendors, according to a recent report by Wikibon, are Vertica (owned by HP), Teredata Aster, Greenplum (owned by EMC) and Splunk. Each takes a somewhat different approach to big data. The first three basically provide column-oriented analytic databases that load data at lightning speeds and allow querying capacity in near real time, according to analysts. Splunk focuses on analyzing log file data, calling itself a "Google for machine data."

Meanwhile, networking vendors are joining the Big Data fray as well, Baker notes.

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