What you need to know about the MDM market


The mobile device management marketplace is teeming with vendors, as more enterprises seek to impose some control in this Bring Your Own Device economy. Each vendor seems to offer a unique blend of security features, however, and you need to ask several key questions before choosing a solution, writes Will Kelly in a post at TechRepublic.

The first thing to ask is how MDM can meet both corporate expectations and users' needs. To make sure that an MDM solution achieves its security goals without hindering users' work, you need to carefully consider policies, training and implementation, Kelly advises.

Be sure that your solution comes with a trial period, which gives you a chance to bring together a group of BYOD advocates. Start by gathering requirements for device support so you know which hardware the MDM solution must work with. 

The security standards you already have can guide you in your initial look at MDM options. You will have to continue managing inventory to know which devices and applications are used on the corporate network. Take a careful look at the reporting and management features of the MDM solution's software distribution, particularly with an eye to compliance.

You have to ask about service management and policy management features within a solution, and it is vital to get the appropriate level of reporting. Finally, carefully consider whether a hosted MDM solution or an onsite solution will work best for you.

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- see Will Kelly's post at TechRepublic

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