What would other CIOs do?

CIOs at Dow Corning, Alcoa and Land O' Lakes share a few tips

What advice would the CIOs of Dow Corning, Land O' Lakes and Alcoa offer other IT leaders if given the chance? Find out what these and other CIOs have to share in interviews with CIO magazine's Martha Heller.

Dow Corning CIO Kristy Folkwein advises IT chiefs to learn to rely on their team leaders so as not be overly entrenched in day-to-day tasks. By removing yourself from the middle, you allow your senior leaders to work with each other more closely, solve their problems together and establish a more cohesive unit.

Alcoa CIO Nancy Wolk recommends being forthright when it comes to advancing your career. You can't expect people to guess what your career goals are; you have to let them know and then take the opportunities when they come.

Land O' Lakes CIO Barry Libenson warns against going to the boss with a list of problems and no possible answers. He instructs his own team to bring him proposed solutions whenever they come up against new challenges.

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