Wells Fargo increases sales with enterprise social media


Wells Fargo found some early success using internal social media tools to increase sales, but it has a long way to go in deploying a full-fledged enterprise social network, reports David F. Carr at InformationWeek.

The bank waded into enterprise social media with a pilot project using Salesforce.com's Chatter, since it was already using Salesforce.com CRM. Chatter enabled salespeople to share communications with a team as opposed to an individual, which had been the case when they relied on instant messaging. One of the goals was to reduce the time it took to process loan paperwork, and it succeeded in cutting a couple days out of the process.

Wells Fargo tested Yammer, Socialcast and NewsGator as well, and it is still considering other vendors as it deploys more extensive collaboration capabilities, said Kelli Carlson-Jagersma, vice president of collaboration at the bank. Ideally, social capabilities will be capable of integrating with employees' applications and ultimately extend to customers as well. For example, collaboration tools that are embedded with credit application reviewing tools would offer the bank a great benefit.

For now, though, vendors haven't caught up to this vision on the part of customers, Carr writes. Carlson-Jagersma gave the example of Jive, which offers a connector to integrate with SharePoint but doesn't fully integrate with all of the bank's SharePoint servers in a meaningful way.

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