Want to edge out competitors? Hybrid cloud is key, new IBM study says


By Michelle Goodman

Organizations that embrace hybrid cloud infrastructures are better innovators and money makers, according to a new IBM study.

In IBM's international poll of 500 companies using hybrid cloud technology, two-thirds of respondents said they have seen competitive gains as a result of these hybrid computing environments. The study also found that respondents with hybrid cloud setups had an easier time developing "next generation" solutions and disrupting markets.

"It's a positive balance of optimization with flexibility and agility," said Laura Sanders, IBM's global technology services general manager for systems services.

The IBM study, titled Growing Up Hybrid: Accelerating Digital Transformation, reported that organizations using hybrid cloud systems are almost three times as likely as their counterparts to monetize their data and the insights gained from data analysis. It also found these organizations five times as likely to use hybrid cloud for predictive intelligence and machine learning applications. Further, more than a third of hybrid cloud organizations polled said they were using their hybrid environments to develop Internet of Things applications.

Hybrid cloud computing, which enables organizations to use existing IT resources alongside public and private cloud software, has grown in popularity in recent years. No surprise then that IBM would release a study touting the financial and performance gains of using such a system.

Competitors like Microsoft, Google and Cisco have been vying for their share of the hybrid cloud pie for some time now. In January, for example, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella called the enterprise cloud opportunity the largest market the company has operated in. And just last week, Cisco beefed up its hybrid cloud strategy by acquiring CliQr, which provides application management products for hybrid cloud environments.

To conduct the study, IBM surveyed IT decision makers from 13 countries and 23 industries the globe. All professionals polled use a combination of traditional and cloud technology for their infrastructures.

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