3 steps to CIO success


If you've been wondering what a CIO needs to do to succeed these days, Archie Hendryx, vArchitect for VCE, has an answer in three obvious steps: Eliminate risk, improve cycle times and reduce cost. 

By keeping the three key steps in mind, you address all the other business concerns. Things like demonstrating how IT serves the business and improving IT effectiveness are subsidiary moves, Hendryx writes in a post at ZDNet. When you eliminate risk from IT, you address the impact that downtime and performance slowdowns have on revenue and the brand. When you improve cycle times, you show that IT is not too slow to deliver what the business needs. When you reduce capital expenses and operating expenses, you show that technology solves business problems.

Eliminating risk requires integrated infrastructure, robust disaster recovery and business continuity, and de-risking the migration of applications from physical to virtual environments. With a proven infrastructure, application owners can launch new services faster and cheaper.

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- see Archie Hendryx's post at ZDNet

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