With Telework Week underway, timely study confirms employee and employer benefits


In case you missed the company email, this is officially Telework Week.

In a fortunate case of good timing, PGi, a leading producer of collaboration software and services, released results this week for its study on the benefits of telecommuting. The company surveyed 933 customers and knowledge workers in February for its research.

There is lots of good news in the report findings from both an employee satisfaction perspective, and an employer retention strategy.

Consider some benefits cited in the report:

  • 82 percent of survey respondents say telecommuting improves employee stress levels

  • 80 percent of survey respondents say telecommuting improves employee morale

  • 70 percent of survey respondents report increased productivity from telecommuting programs

  • 69 percent of survey respondents say absenteeism has decreased as a result of telecommuting

"The findings confirm what we at PGi have known to be true: Telecommuting provides important benefits for employees, while at the same time delivering meaningful operational improvements for businesses," said Sean O'Brien, executive vice president of strategy and communications at PGi, in announcing the survey results.

"Instead of insisting on 9-to-5 hours in an office, our customers are increasingly adopting virtual collaboration technologies ... to provide rich online engagement and to empower their 'anywhere workers' to work smarter and be more productive," O'Brien noted. "We expect this trend will continue as companies worldwide understand the value and benefits of adopting flexible work models."

The study finds that a majority of employers (80 percent) do indeed now allow telecommuting to some degree. In response, 71 percent of employees at those companies take advantage of the program, the study says. Of those employees that do telecommute, 50 percent telecommute one day per week. Another 22 percent telecommute five or more days per week.

As to technology trends, the study found that 91 percent of telecommuting respondents use a company-issued laptop. Other popular technologies issued by employers are:

  • 76 percent provide VPN access to company data

  • 75 percent provide web conferencing tools

  • 62 percent provide a cellphone or smartphone

For more:
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