Survey finds BYOD workers clocking in more hours


The bring your own device trend can mean security worries and extra work for your IT team, but there's also a big upside to the latest tech fad: workers clocking in more hours.

According to a recent survey by BMC Software, the average BYOD employee "works an extra two hours and sends 20 more emails every day," as noted in a CIO article.

"One out of three BYOD employees checks work email before the official start of their work day, between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m.," the survey also found.

While this trend is good for business on the one hand, it also presents some worries, such as possible fatigue or burnout for those employees, and security issues for the IT department.

For example, CIO reports that the survey, which is outlined in an infographic, claims that 95 percent of companies allow "some form" of bring your own device, but that a majority provide no BYOD security education and minimal support to employees.

The Fierce Take: As a CIO or IT manager, it's important to consider the benefits of BYOD as well as the drawbacks before choosing whether to permit BYOD at your organization.

If you have the time, manpower and funds to support a secure and effective BYOD program, it may be worth your company's while in saved device costs and extra worker hours. If not, it's probably worth taking a step back and waiting to see how the BYOD trend plays out at other businesses before implementing it at your own. 

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