Survey: Big data still not a big deal for most large enterprises

Just 26 percent of firms with more than $1 billion in revenues pursuing big data

Only 26 percent of firms with more than $1 billion in annual revenues are conducting big data initiatives, according to a study by Actuate Corp. The study, "Big Data Today: How Real Is It?," found that companies are widely refraining from deploying advanced data analytics because of the anticipated costs and a lack of expertise.

About one-third of the firms surveyed are evaluating or planning a big data project, but a full 40 percent haven't even gotten that far (or else did get that far and chose not to continue). 

Among the companies that are pursuing big data, the most common reason for doing so is to get a better read on customer experiences. Preventing fraud is another often-stated reason for big data deployments. The three most often-mentioned technologies in use were Apache Hadoop, Cloudera Hadoop and Hapache Hive.

Those companies that are leveraging big data are making sure the results are widely disseminated. A full 73 percent of the survey respondents said that more than 500 people in their company receive big data findings.

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- see the study by Actuate Corp.

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