Stuxnet attacked Chevron

Virus made by US and Israel turns on US firm

The United States and Israel built Stuxnet to attack nuclear facilities in Iraq, but the virus ended up infecting Chevron as well, reports Rachael King at The Wall Street Journal. Chevron discovered the malware in its network in July 2010 after it became public.

Chevron is the only U.S. firm to have publicly stated that it was infiltrated by Stuxnet, and according to a spokesman, the virus did not have any adverse impact on the company. It is speculated that other industrial firms were also infected because Stuxnet targets programmable logic controllers, which are widely used around the world.

U.S. businesses are a larger target for hackers following the U.S. government's tacit admission that it built Stuxnet, said security expert Alan Paller. Security pros are particularly concerned about malware of this variety because it enables hackers not only to take information, but also to interfere with critical systems.

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