Study: Most big data projects are never completed

Scope of big data initiatives is often underestimated

Big data is often a big hassle, and new research shows that most of the projects that are initiated are never completed. In many cases, the scope of a big data project is underestimated and too few resources are allocated, reports Dennis McCafferty at CIO Insight.

Adding to the trouble, according to a study by Infochimps, the people actually implementing big data projects aren't always consulted early on. A lack of cooperation among departments involved in the project is a major impediment to completing it, said 39 percent of the IT professionals surveyed by Infochimps. Technical stumbling blocks were cited as a big problem by 41 percent of the participants, and a failure to accurately anticipate the project's scope was cited by 58 percent.

The hardest part of a big data project is the processing of data, according to 43 percent of the survey respondents. But managing the data and analyzing it were considered the most difficult part by 42 percent and 41 percent, respectively.

Four-fifths of the IT pros said that their companies have a hard time finding the right expertise, and 76 percent said they have trouble finding the right tools.

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