Stop calling it 'cloud' if it's really hosting

Survey finds that a lot of services labeled 'cloud' are fixed-term, non-scalable and not self-provisioning.

Businesses are getting fed up with having to struggle to determine if an offering labeled "cloud" is, in truth, a conventional hosting service, according to a survey of CIOs by hosting provider ElasticHosts. It's time for customers to start calling out fake cloud services and "shaming them," suggests David Linthicum at InfoWorld.

A lot of the "cloud" services being offered today are fixed-term, non-scalable and not even self-provisioning, ElasticHosts found in its survey. These "warmed-over hosting technologies" do not offer the central features of cloud computing, and while it is possible to see through their misleading rhetoric, it takes resources that could be spent elsewhere. Worse yet, if a bogus cloud service lands in a bona fide cloud project, it could waste funds and delay the move to a real cloud platform, Linthicum warns.

"What can you do about this problem? Call BS on the BS," he recommends. "If a vendor promotes something as a cloud solution though it's not, tell the guilty party to stop misleading you--you have better ways to spend your day."

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