Sign your CEO up for big data 101

More universities offer data analytics workshops for non-IT executives.

The c-suite is showing a keen interest in big data lately, but how well do most executives outside of IT really understand it? Universities and commercial training programs think they're ripe for learning a lot more, reports Ellis Booker at InformationWeek.

Executive-level seminars and workshops in data analytics have been around for a few years and they are on the rise.  In many cases, they are targeted at managers who don't have technical experience. For example, "Strategic Analytics: Creating Competitive Advantage Through Analytics," is a two-day workshop offered at Queens School of Business in Canada. It doesn't teach modeling, but instead focuses on how to organize data, how to view it analytically and how to find the right talent to leverage it.

At the MIT Sloan School of Management, executives can attend a two-day program titled "Big Data: Making Complex Things Simpler." At Northwestern University, plans are in the works for two tracks of big data education next year, one for executives and the other for IT personnel. George Mason University is also putting together an analytics program for managers.

Meanwhile, tech vendors have been forming partnerships with universities to further the big data agenda. IBM (NYSE: IBM), for one, has partnered with Fordham University, Yale University, Northwestern University, Michigan State University, University of Montana and others, Booker reports.

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