Server efficiencies help keep data center costs in check


Keeping data centers powered and cooled has remained a challenge in recent years as IT departments have hustled to keep up with computing demands. Over the next few years, many IT shops are likely to have to upgrade their data centers or build new ones, but that doesn't mean their data center costs have to rise, writes Jim Ditmore, vice president of IT infrastructure and operations at Allstate.

Over the past six or seven years, server power efficiency has improved at a greater rate than processor performance has, Ditmore writes in a post at InformationWeek. Prior to 2006, upgrading to the latest server model--even if you retained the same number of servers--would require greater power and cooling resources. The recent increase in power efficiency relative to the increase in processing efficiency is likely to continue.

For IT departments, it will likely become less necessary to add new data centers to the mix. By using private cloud computing and best practices with regard to capacity and performance management, you can likely use your current number of servers to provide greater computing power, Ditmore suggests.

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