Security vendors make their predictions for 2014


The end of the year is a traditional time to make predictions for the one ahead, and that certainly goes for cyber security trends. The past year has been a very dramatic one on the security front, highlighted by massive coverage around the Snowden revelations and National Security Agency surveillance, to large data breaches at a number of tech and financial giants.

In that spirit, ZDNet recently asked seven leading IT security companies for their thoughts on what we can expect in the New Year.

FireEye expects more sophisticated threats; cybercrime to get personal; more malware to fill the supply chain; and the time to detect threats to increase.

Fortinet expects Android malware to expand to the Internet of Things; botnet operators to be shut down; the use of encryption will increase; and biometrics for authentication will increase.

Lancope sees incident response maturing to a business process; an increase in two-factor authentication; and more tracking devices.

Neohapsis predicts the cloud will reveal its true costs; encryption technologies will get greater scrutiny; and legacy problems will escalate.

Symantec sees people finally acting to keep information private; scammers and cybercriminals will broaden their targets and reach; and the Internet of Things will prove to be the Internet of Vulnerabilities.

Websense predicts a major data destruction attack will happen; the cloud will become the prime target of cyber criminals; and advanced malware volume will decrease.

Zscaler predicts attacks on the Internet of Things; BYOD becomes the weakest security link; and DNS gains in importance.

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