Security pros predict a challenging 2013


So far in this millennium, every year has brought greater threats against computer network security, both in terms of number and sophistication, and it looks as though 2013 won't be any different. Computer security experts are predicting that the greatest threats will continue to migrate from PCs to mobile devices, and they will work their way into mobile apps, cloud services and machine-to-machine communications. Among the many predictions ventured to date, here are a select few from a handful of forecasters.

Trend Micro:

  • Malicious and high-risk Android apps will reach 1 million.
  • Threats could appear in TV sets and home appliances.
  • Cloud services will become a target of cyber attacks.
  • Politically motivated attacks will become more destructive.

McAfee Labs:

  • Project Blitzkrieg, a mass fraud campaign planned against 30 US banks by spring 2013, is a credible threat to the financial industry.

Norman Security: 

  • There will be more widespread malware-driven sabotage.
  • More mechanisms to combat automated analysis systems will emerge.
  • Ransomware will become more persistent and difficult to remove.
  • Cloud systems will become targets.

FortiGuard Labs:

  • Advanced persistent threats will target CEOs, celebrities and political figures.
  • Machine-to-machine communications will become a hacking target.
  • Attackers will try to circumvent sandboxing efforts.
  • New forms of Direct Denial of Service attacks will leverage both PCs and mobile devices at the same time.
  • The growth of malware on mobile devices will accelerate.

WatchGard Technologies:

  • A cyber attack will result in a human death.
  • More malware will target virtual machines.
  • There will be a steep increase in browser-infecting malware.
  • There will be a rise in IPv6-based attacks.
  • Attackers will steal money from Android devices

WebSense Security Lab:

  • Cross-platform threats will target mobile devices.
  • Mobile app stores will be plagued with more malware.
  • More governments will get into cyber warfare.
  • Malicious emails will experience a resurgence.
  • Attacks on content management systems and web platforms will rise.

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