Security firm makes three cyberattack predictions for remainder of 2015


We're used to reading bold headlines and breaking news reports of cyberattacks and data breaches. But security company PKWARE prefers to predict cyberattacks yet to come.

So the firm did just that, identifying three significant information security breaches it expects to see in the next six months.

"Based on our own intelligence gathering and experience working to protect data security around the world, we believe hacks, breaches and attacks will continue to unfold at unprecedented levels in the coming months, harming businesses and consumers alike," explained PKWARE CEO and President V. Miller Newton in the release. "Elections, intellectual property and wearables offer porous staging grounds for cyberattacks, and we believe these three areas are particularly ripe for exploitation through 2015."

According to Newton, CIOs and chief information security officers should be watchful for the following:

  • An electoral campaign will be breached: "We are already entrenched in the 2016 political season. With the Presidential race right around the corner, exposing embarrassing emails or sensitive information from within a campaign would have devastating consequences. Supporter or contributor data may also be at risk."
  • Intellectual property will be held hostage: "There has been a continued onslaught of attacks from China and other nation states aimed at heisting intellectual property. With new designs and technologies typically announced in the Fall, a major American innovation sits as a prime target for a breach."
  • Smart watch/wearable data will be hacked: "The market for smart watches and other 'wearables' is growing exponentially. But these apps and devices aren't built with security as a focus. Streams of information tied to these smart devices provide a means to profile or threaten users, and a large-scale data leak is also likely to take down some app providers."

So how good are PKWARE officials at predicting the cybersecurity future? They figure they are pretty good at it, based on their last round of predictions.

The new predictions from PKWARE follow what it said were accurate predictions in the company's initial 2015 breach forecast, which was released in January. PKWARE officials said they correctly anticipated the following attacks:   

  • A professional sports franchise will be compromised – Breach realized: June 16, St. Louis Cardinals hack the rival Houston Astros.
  • Our transportation infrastructure will be attacked – Breach realized: June 22, LOT Polish Airways ground systems were accessed externally.
  • American healthcare systems are at risk – Breach realized: Feb. 5, Anthem reports millions of exposed records.
  • Corporate espionage will be a hacking tool – Breach realized: July 6, Italy's Hacking Team, which makes surveillance software used by governments to police the Web, was exposed.

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