SAP updates SuccessFactors with continuous performance review features


Millennials are changing much about the workplace, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. However, there is one professional tradition younger workers have set in their sights that many can agree would be a triumph if taken down: the annual performance review.

Many younger workers renounce the plodding pattern of yearly or biannual reviews, building up to a dreadful year-end date like an impending firing squad. To relieve some of that pressure, some human resources departments are trying to figure out how to essentially hold continuous conversations about how things are going.

HR software providers have taken note of the concept, and today SAP announced a set of new features for its SuccessFactors Performance and Goals solution. The new capabilities will allow users to better keep track of and plan for continuous performance management.

"Like a number of HR functions, performance management has over time become cumbersome and overly complex – a dreaded annual event for many," said Mike Ettling, president of SAP SuccessFactors. "Technology today allows us to completely change this experience and more closely match the expectations and wants of most people in your business for more regular, meaningful conversations about performance."

With the new set of SuccessFactors features, HR can track the frequency of performance conversations, remind employees and their managers to meet for such conversations, and provide coaching guidance for performance activities.

There is also an employee-side element where workers can document progress and work through a gamified achievement process. The updates are included in the Q1 2016 SAP SuccessFactors release.

SAP leaned on its cloud businesses, like SuccessFactors, in its latest financial report, and the company looks to that space as a primary revenue generator into the future.

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