Sandy thrusts big data into the news

Data analytics providers showcase tools.

While super storm Sandy churned up the East Coast of the United States earlier this week, big data companies highlighted the value their tools can offer in just such circumstances. Google (NASDAQ: GOOG), Palantir and others took the opportunity to demonstrate the predictive power of their analytics technologies, reports Derrick Harris at GigaOm.

Google offered a tool to track the storm, complete with evacuation routes, traffic conditions and video feeds from a number of locations. Meanwhile, a number of startups put the spotlight on their new technologies. Analytical and data visualization technologies from Palantir were championed in the effort of a relief organization to donate medical supplies to vulnerable clinics in advance of the storm. Datum Companies rolled out its catastrophe-prediction solution, which was built for insurance companies to predict the odds of financial losses from natural disasters.

Meteorologists also showcased their big data expertise, delivering "remarkably accurate" predictions as the storm evolved, Harris notes. With the launch of improved satellites and the release of next-generation big data products and data sets, they may do an even better job predicting the timing and effect of natural disasters in the coming years.

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