Sandy takes toll on data centers

Flooding, power outages knock centers offline

Much of New York City took a beating from the flooding and power outages caused by super storm Sandy this week, and data centers were not spared. Rich Miller at Data Center Knowledge offered a survey of the damage in the wake of the storm.

Flooding in basements left Internap and Peer 1 grappling to stay online after diesel fuel pumps were submerged in water and generators couldn't be refueled. Fuel on the facility's mezzanine level was estimated to last up to seven hours, Internap warned customers in a Twitter post.  

Datagram customers, including Gawker and Gizmodo, lost service Monday evening when the facility's basement was flooded and backup power reportedly didn't boot up fast enough. These three centers are located in the "Zone A" flood area, where a 13-foot storm surge coincided with high tide.

A Google-owned (NASDAQ: GOOG) data center on 8th Avenue also experienced problems, and some major Internet traffic carriers, including XO Communications, Equinix and Voxel/Internap, were affected. The 8th avenue address is one of "the world's most wired buildings," Miller writes.

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