Samsung aims for piece of Apple's enterprise pie


Samsung is trying to plow its way into the enterprise mobility space, but it could be a tough road getting past Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL). Part of the South Korean company's strategy is to customize products for specific industries, reports Peter Burrows at Businessweek.

Another component of Samsung's enterprise strategy is to work with businesses to reduce their mobility costs. The manufacturer plans to sell docking stations that would use an employee's phone's process power for work so that companies would no longer have to buy laptops or desk phones, Burrows reports.

Although Samsung is dominant in the Android device market, it faces an uphill challenge in convincing CIOs to trade in iPhones for Android phones. For IT departments, the fragmentation of  the Android operating system--with different device makers using different versions--creates added support costs. To make things easier, Samsung is working on security and management software to make all of its devices run in the same way.

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