Report: More companies seek flexible IT staff


The IT worker of yore is gradually morphing into a consultant, according to a recent report from career expert Dice. Cloud computing and other technologies designed to improve IT efficiency are changing the essence of the IT professional into a more flexible worker, reports Samuel Greengard at Baseline magazine.

The uncertain economy is driving more companies to turn more often to flexible IT talent, Dice found. Consulting firms added more than 70,000 new jobs last year and another 16,000 in the first quarter of this year. IT consultants earn approximately $20,000 more than full-time IT employees.

For IT professionals, working as a consultant can provide the additional benefit of access to newer technologies, and it can prevent the tedium of always working for the same organization. Access to a variety of clients also provides insight into more businesses.

Dice also found that increasingly, IT projects are conducted by virtual teams and for more than one customer at once. The same was found true for software development. Developers with skills in highest demand are earning approximately twice as much as general IT workers.

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- see Samuel Greengard's article at Baseline

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