Prevent your CRM from becoming a big hassle

Common errors in deploying CRM systems

CRM systems and services have proven themselves to be tremendous productivity enhancers, but if the deployment is flubbed, you're left with an equally tremendous mess. Find out what the most common CRM implementation mistakes are and how you can avoid them, in a post by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff at CIO magazine.

The biggest CRM deployment mistake, Lonoff Schiff writes, is failing to consider the end users when selecting a solution. End users should be involved from the outset, and make sure they understand how the system will improve their jobs as well as the company's health. This relates to the second most common mistake, which is selecting a solution that isn't user-friendly for salespeople.

Failing to integrate CRM tools with other vital systems, such as email, can create problems down the line. And if there is no guide for how to cite accounts (in other words, establish one way in which to refer to the account), salespeople are apt to dump the CRM and resort to spreadsheets. Another common mistake is setting up too many fields for sales people to fill out. Only the key details should be required. Resist the temptation to deploy confusing features that might intimidate users.

Too many businesses deploy systems that cannot scale as the business grows. At the same time, they don't define how the system's success will be measured. Each business area that will be affected by the CRM solution should have a set of metrics that are regularly measured.

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