Prepare for scarce resources come 2030

National Intelligence Council predicts 8 billion people and fewer natural resources.

In 2030, there will be 8 billion people in the world, resources will be scarcer than they are today, the middle class will expand around the world, and IT will transfer more power to citizens. This is the picture painted in the U.S. National Intelligence Council's recent policy report, and business leaders should start preparing now, warns Manish Bapna in a post at Forbes.

The most alarming of the NIC's predictions is growing resource scarcity, as the world's expanding population demands more food, water and energy, Bapna writes. Agribusiness, with its massive share of water usage, will be especially vulnerable, but any company that does business globally will be affected. Companies should start including natural resource risk management into their operations, he recommends.

At the same time natural resources dwindle, the middle class around the world will grow, creating a larger consumer base than ever before. To avoid a depletion of natural resources, businesses should improve efficiency and create more resource-efficient goods and services.

The increasing global population will become increasingly urban, the NIC predicts, and three out of five people will live in cities by 2030. While all this is happening, technology will serve as "a great leveler," putting more power into the hands of citizens. Businesses should be prepared to become more accountable to their customers, who will want to be more involved in decision-making.

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