Prepare for the next wave of process improvement


IT has driven phenomenal business process improvements over the last 20 years, but emerging technologies are poised to leave some of today's most efficient processes obsolete by 2020, says consultant Brad Power. He suggests three areas of opportunity for new operational improvements, in a post at Harvard Business Review.

To begin, leverage the ability to collaborate across organizational and national boundaries. Processes can be redesigned to move fluidly through boundaries using simple tools like teleconferencing and document sharing.

Next, redesign "knowledge work" as transactional work. This is gradually replaced by automation and outsourcing in the developed world. This redesign isn't easy, and it requires the involvement of the knowledge workers themselves.

Finally, be prepared to make process improvements continuously, and at a quick pace. Information must move faster to support accelerated decision-making.

For more:
-see Brad Power's post at Harvard Business Review

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