P&G builds consortium for predictive analytics

Firms wants software makers to focus on solving business problems

At Procter & Gamble, predictive analytics is moving to the center of business practices. The company is counting on improved data analysis to drive productivity and innovation, reports Chris Murphy at InformationWeek.

The ascending role of data analytics reflects nothing short of a "cultural revolution," according to P&G CEO Bob McDonald. But analytics software is not quite up to the task, and P&G is trying to rally enterprise IT leaders to demand that software makers focus more on helping solve actual business problems. To that end, the company is trying to pull together a consortium of enterprises that are making analytics a major part of their strategy.

As Murphy points out, this kind of cross-company cooperation isn't easy to keep up for a long period. However, as executives grapple with ballooning data, new data management tools and other data-related challenges, there may be sufficient incentive to generate a collaborative spirit.

At P&G, the leadership is trying to put analytics at the center of business operations in three ways: It is seeking the best technologies and tools, which means customization rather than relying on off-the-shelf offerings; it is focusing on analytics as it trains managers and other employees; and it is driving a cultural change by using social media, among other things.

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