Over 200 cyberattacks occur on a daily basis, says report


The second massive data breach at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (see today's article on FierceCIO) is just the latest to grab wide-spread media and public attention. Large data breaches now seem to occur on a weekly basis.

In fact, there are over 200 significant security incidents on a daily basis, with nearly six actual breaches each day. That is the word from IT security firm Centri, in its new report (reg. req.) "Encrypt Everything: Embracing a New Paradigm to Protect Enterprise Data."

Centri looked at the security challenges for organizations that are trying to keep data safe and sound, and the importance that encryption plays in cybersecurity. In fairness, encryption is what Centri is all about, but the company's report and related infographic offer interesting facts and insights on what is happening in the cybersecurity space.

The purpose behind the report was to stress the need for many organizations to rethink their security strategies. And as most cybersecurity professionals that FierceCIO has spoken with this year agree, encryption is of paramount importance.

"Enterprises have historically protected valuable information by keeping it in a centralized location, restricting access and putting up barriers in the shape of firewalls, anti-virus or anti-malware solutions," the firm noted. "This older paradigm that focuses on network security made sense when it was kept on servers located at corporate headquarters, but that's no longer the case.

"Today, it's captured, stored, shared and analyzed in the cloud, on mobile devices, and on a wide variety of other connected devices ranging from self-service checkout kiosks to remote sensors," Centri said. "That's as it should be: companies use these scenarios because they provide value to the business and improve customer satisfaction. But the way they think about protecting data has to change – and sooner rather than later."

To emphasize the point, Centri prepared an infographic that highlights the growing threat to organizations from cybersecurity attacks. This includes the average cost to an organization of a significant data breach, and how easy it is for most breaches to be executed.

The infographic can also be accessed here.

For more:
- check out the report from Centri (reg. req.)
- see the infographic on IT security incidents

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