Now is the time for managing information on BYOD devices


With BYOD well-established at many companies, it's time for those IT organizations to start making strategic decisions about how to manage and secure information on user-owned devices, writes Galen Gruman at InfoWorld.

Many companies have made those decisions in a piecemeal, stovepiped way that creates huge management complexities. "For example, it's typical for companies to disable attachments access on mobile devices but not home PCs, to require encryption on mobile devices but not on PCs, or to limit VPN usage to just PCs or provide remote storage options that work only on Windows PCs," Gruman writes. "No wonder many employees roll their own cloud storage, forward email to personal accounts, and engage in other compliance-avoiding workarounds--IT has given them no choice."

A consistent approach to sharing documents and data can be based on a variety of tools and technologies, including Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) SharePoint, cloud storage services such as Box and Dropbox, and access management and auditing capabilities baked into internally developed applications.

Another option is using Web-based apps that only let users work with documents online--"It's easier to protect data at the source than to worry about what happens to it after it has been made available," Gruman writes--but that isn't possible if there's no Internet connection available to the user, and can get expensive if there is one.

Whichever tools and technology are used, three key issues need to be worked out:

  1. What capabilities must devices support to be allowed access to corporate data, applications, and networks?
  2. What information should be visible and accessible to each group of employees, based on role and individual trust level?
  3. What environments are considered too risky to provide access?


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