NIST supports 5 pilot programs for secure 'identity ecosystem'

Grants help fund work on developing 'trusted identities'

To spur the development of a safe "identity ecosystem" for online commerce, the National Institute of Standards and Technology is giving $9 million to five test programs, reports Patience Wait at InformationWeek. The grants are part of NIST's National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, which aims to prevent ID theft, boost consumer confidence in online transactions, and enhance the control that people have over their personal data.

One of the grants is going to the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators and its partners, which include AT&T (NYSE: T) , Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) and CA Technologies, to support their Cross Sector Digital Identity Initiative. Another is being awarded to a group of universities and the University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development, which are working on an online privacy infrastructure.

AARP is partnering with Daon to build an identity ecosystem for senior citizens. In its test project, it will examine user-friendly identity technologies for mobile devices. Another pilot program will examine an encrypted "trust network" for transactions in the healthcare and education fields.

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