News Scan: Internet of Things hype limits; Geek job seeking gold; more


>>Has the Internet of Things reached its hype peak?

There is good news on the hype meter front. According to Gartner, The Internet of Things (IoT) is now close to its "peak of inflated expectations" in the research firm's 2013 Hype Cycle. As noted last week at Data Center Journal, there are high hopes for the Internet of Things among equipment manufacturers, chipmakers and technology developers. But many feel that IoT is greatly over-hyped and it's value is uncertain. "In a number of areas, the hype and the hesitation paint drastically different pictures of how the Internet of Things will shape future technology trends," the article notes. "On the technology side, the growing reliance on data centers as central computing hubs may expand or it may want, giving way to a more decentralized model that makes use of vast distributed resources."

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>>Turning geek qualities into job interview gold

IT professionals take heart. The rest of the population shares your love of all things geek, and so do hiring managers. At least those are among the findings of a recent study reported at Talent Culture. In fact, 87 percent of Americans "proudly identify with their inner nerd," the article says. Flaunt those qualities in job interviews, the article advises. Sure, wax poetic about how you understand the business and an employer's industry. But really stress what skills you have taught yourself; how you are flexible to change, diversity and new ways of learning; and how you have the drive to make a difference. "You're a huge force to be reckoned with in the workplace. So when applying for jobs, fly that geek flag high and make sure you apply to companies that not only provide professional growth, but also gladly welcome your special character within their culture," the article concludes.

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>>Network management trends to watch for in 2014

In keeping with wide-spread crystal ball gazing, Information Week has identified the seven ways it believes networking will evolve in the New Year. "There is a fundamental shift happening in information technology as it moves toward software-based and services-led architecture, and this trend will resonate more than ever in 2014," Information Week says. In a blog published this week the publication says to watch for:

  • The hypervisor-centric SDN model will reign supreme

  • Networking as a standalone job function will come under attack

  • Increased cloud deployments will put more focus on WAN and Internet performance

  • Cloud-based replication and backup services will become mainstream

  • Forced network hardware refreshes will accelerate the shift to software services

  • Internet VPNs will displace the MPLS networks, and will eat into MPLS market share

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>>Are BYOD programs fueling employee addiction?

Addiction to smartphones has reached new heights, according to reporting at CIO Insight. Findings from a new study by LG Electronics reveal that Americans today are willing to, and insisting on, using their own smartphones literally everywhere, including places that were previously considered taboo. The problem will get worse soon, as the number of smartphone users increases from its current 170 million to an expected 193 million by 2016. "Smartphones have quickly  become the modern-day tool that most of us can't live without," James Fishler, senior vice president of marketing at LG Electronics, was quoted as saying. "With major advances in mobile technology in recent years, smartphones have gone beyond their original intent as a primary communication tool to become true-life companions for everything from social situations to our most personal moments."

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