News Scan: Global tech market grows; Employee devices still your top security threat; more


>>Global tech market better, but not ideal, says Forrester

The global technology market will be improved in 2014, but still not ideal, according to Forrester Research. In its latest research report issued this week, the research firm describes the global tech market as "better but still subpar." The good news for CIOs is that economies are improving in several countries, including in the U.S., which will free up cash for IT investments. Leading the way will be investments in mobile technology and cloud computing. The bad news is that economic uncertainty still lingers, which continues to prevent the general economy from improving at a faster pace. "CIOs will focus their biggest spending increases on software, where growth globally will be 7.1 percent in 2014 and 10.2 percent in 2015. Analytics and applications in general and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications in particular will attract the fastest growth of any IT spending category," Forrester analyst Andrew Bartels predicts.

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>>Employee mobile devices are greatest endpoint security risk

When it comes to endpoint security, a new study finds that your own staff are fully armed and dangerous. Specifically, mobile devices such as smartphones are found to be the leading threat to endpoint security, according to a survey of 676 IT and IT security practitioners by the Ponemon Institute. Of those surveyed, 75 percent cite mobile devices as their greatest security concern, and 75 percent also said they expect the number of mobile devices in use at their organizations to increase in 2014. "One of the most insightful results of the report is the consensus from respondents that endpoint security risks are more difficult to manage than ever before," notes Solutions Review. The study revealed that 65 percent of survey participants say their organization experienced Advanced Persistent Threat attacks in 2013, largely due to spear phishing emails sent to employees.

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>>Enterprise architects needed who can bridge both tech, business

A number of IT job roles have been held aloft lately as being in very high demand. One of the latest is that of the enterprise architect, which was recently profiled by ZDNet. "The market for talented EAs is thriving, and demand has never been better," the publication notes. Evaluating job listings from the Dice site, ZDNet notes that regardless of which industry, employers seeking enterprise architects want someone that can bridge the technology and business sides of their organization. The article proceeds to identify the recruiting needs as an e-commerce company, government contractor, commodities trading company, oil company, resort company, IT consulting firm, retailer and insurance carrier.

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>>Cloud market will drive $100 billion in spending in 2014

Cloud cover will only thicken in 2014, as a growing number of companies adopt cloud-based computing for the first time, or companies already invested in the cloud increase their presence. That is the prediction of International Data Corp, which says the cloud will drive an estimated $100 billion worth of spending in 2014. "The growth comes from more and more companies buying into the idea that storing large amounts of data in the cloud will save time and money, and also mitigate the increasingly difficulty of managing large volumes of data in physical servers," notes The Whir. IDC expects there will be a growing number of small cloud service providers emerge this year to compete for the increased activity.

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