News Scan: Former IT security pros seen as significant security risk; Senators Moran, Udall to share legislative tech honors; more


>> Former IT security pros seen as significant security risk

Insider threats remain one of the greatest concerns to IT security, but a new study finds that former IT security pros make up a significant risk to many organizations. A survey by Lieberman Software finds that 13 percent of IT security professionals say they can still access the systems of previous employers using their old credentials. "A fundamental lack of IT security awareness in enterprises, particularly in the arena of controlling privileged logons, is potentially paving the way for a further wave of data breaches," says an article at Information Security Magazine. "Of those who can still access their former employer's systems, nearly 23 percent can get into their previous two employers' systems using old credentials. And, shockingly, more than 16 percent admit to still having access to systems at all previous employers."

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>> Telework brings all kinds of benefits, but increased stress

Telework certainly has many advantages, as a number of recent studies have reported. But it also increases the stress levels of the employees who are practicing it. That is one of the perhaps-surprising findings of a recent Gallop study on the effects of mobile technology on politics, business and well-being in the U.S. FierceCIO reported on the Gallop study findings in terms of the role of IT in enabling or hindering a telework program. But as noted in an article at State Tech Magazine, there is also a down-side to the practice. "Nearly half of workers who frequently email for work outside of normal working hours report experiencing stress a lot of the day yesterday, compared with the 36 percent experiencing stress who never email for work," the article says. What was not reported was whether employees feel more stress as a result of being more connected to work, or whether they obsess more about work during non-work hours and therefore feel the need to check email more frequently?

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>> Senators Moran and Udall to share legislator tech honors

The TechAmerica Foundation has announced that Senators Jerry Moran (R-KS) and Tom Udall (D-NM) will jointly receive the association's award for Senate Legislators of the Year. The award will be presented at the TechAmerica Foundation's Technology & Government dinner on June 12. According to an email from the association to FierceCIO, the event will also honor Dr. J. P. London, CACI executive chairman and chairman of the board, with the Corporate Leadership Award; U.S. CIO Steven VanRoekel as the Government Technology Executive of the Year; and Rep. Michael McCaul as the House Legislator of the Year.

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>> IT contracting demands, durations on the rise in the UK

There is finally some good news on the IT contracting front in the U.K. in terms of length of contracts being awarded and the rates being paid for contractors. That is the word from staffing firm Hays, as reported in a recent posting at Silicon Republic. "Here at Hays, we say a dip in the number of contract jobs registered in Q4 2013 and at the start of Q1 2014, but since then we've seen a steady rise of about 25 percent more jobs available," the firm noted. "Most of these opportunities are coming from the multinational market, as they have been for the past few years. Another trend we are seeing at the moment is the actual contract durations are getting longer so there isn't the pressure and hassle of having to look for a new contract every couple of months. In some cases, renewals are for 12 months as opposed to the typical three to six months. Companies are looking for commitment from contractors to stay with them for the longer duration to ensure project deadlines are met and delivery guaranteed."

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