News Scan: CIOs suffer strategic image problem; 19 million wearables to ship this year; more


>> Most CIOs don't feel they're viewed as a strategic partner

CIOs are constantly told they need to step up and be a true strategic partner, but that perception hasn't happened yet in the mind of most IT leaders. At least that is the take of a variety of survey-based content collected at Baseline Magazine. A recent article at Baseline finds that 65 percent of IT leaders feel their line-of-business colleagues view them as a help-desk professional, not a strategic partner. "As a result, IT managers can't spend as much time as they'd like working on strategic projects." The article says.

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>> 19 million wearables expected to ship this year

Shipments of wearable technology devices are expected to reach 19 million this year, and are on track to reach a market saturation of 111.9 million devices by 2018, according to research by International Data Corp (IDC). Those figures represent a compound annual growth rate of 78 percent. Still, "implying that wearables are on the fast track to becoming 'stylish lifestyle accessories,' could be a bit of a stretch," notes an article at ZDNet. Not waiting to find out, a number of new vendors have entered the market, hoping to cash in on the public's current fascination. "Complex accessories have succeeded in drawing much-needed interest and attention to a wearables market that has had some difficulty gaining traction," Ramon Llamas, IDC's research manager for mobile phones was quoted as saying. "The increased buzz has prompted more vendors to announce their intentions to enter this market. Most importantly, end-users have warmed to their simplicity in terms of design and functionality, making their value easy to understand and use."

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>> Cloud market to reach $56B in value by 2019

Meanwhile, another tech market prediction was released this week: this one by Markets and Markets, which forecasts that the public and private cloud storage market will reach $56.57 billion in value by 2019. In its report, "Public/Private Cloud Storage Market by Solution…", the research firm defines and divides the cloud storage market into several sub-segments, and provides a detailed analysis and forecasting for each. "The growth in volume and variety of unstructured data in multi-industrial enterprises has created a need for secure, reliable and cost efficient data storage infrastructure," the firm notes. "The cloud-based storage solutions provide a secure, reliable and cost effective data storage and migration facilities for easy access from multiple lines within an organization and amongst organizations as well."

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>> Two-thirds of companies suffered SQL attacks this year

There's more bad news on the IT security front, as a new study by the Ponemon Institute reveals that two-thirds (65 percent) of companies experienced SQL injection attacks that successfully evaded their perimeter defenses in the past 12 months. The survey was entitled "The SQL Injection Threat Study." Especially troubling was the fact that the average SQL injection breach took 140 days to discover, and another 68 days to remedy, says an article at e-Security Planet. "It is commonly accepted that organizations believe they struggle with SQL injection vulnerabilities, and almost half of the respondents said the SQL injection threat facing their organization is very significant," Ponemon Institute founder and chairman Dr. Larry Ponemon was quoted as saying.

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