New Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition Linux laptop 'closer' to shipping


Dell has started offering a discount on the XPS 13 Developer Edition laptops, in preparation to release the newer version, with Ubuntu Linux and Intel Skylake processors, according to Computerworld.

Dell first introduced the XPS 13 Developer Edition in 2012 as part of an experiment to bring Linux to an Ultrabook laptop with touchscreen, Computerworld noted. The laptops have since attained a "cult status" with a certain segment of Linux users, according to the report.

"As we get closer to shipping the next gen XPS 13 developer edition we are looking to sell off the current inventory in the States," wrote Barton George, senior principal engineer at Dell in a Google+ post last week. In a later post, George shared a $100 discount code that he said is valid for the next two weeks.

While normal laptops can run Linux, having it preinstalled and tweaked on a specific laptop eliminates much of the headache with regards to device drivers that Linux users often face when using the latest hardware. This is especially important with the XPS 13 given the high-resolution display that is offered in some configurations.

And having once used an XPS 13 – running Windows 10 – for a few weeks, I can agree that the XPS 13 is a powerful and lightweight laptop with an appealing form factor. Linux fans are probably hoping that the upcoming update will see it incorporating Intel's RealSense 3D camera for authentication through face recognition.

For now, no details pertaining to delivery date, pricing or hardware specifications of the upcoming XPS 13 Developer Edition are available.

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