Mobile browser usage rises to 20 percent


For the first time ever, the percentage of the world's browser activity topped 20 percent on mobile devices last month.

That is the word from Dublin-based web analytics firm StatCounter. The firm tracks where browser-based activity originated from, and found that in November, 20 percent of it came from mobile devices. Personal computers account for the remaining 80 percent of browser usage.

What this milestone represents is the growing adoption and use of mobile technology, combined with the well-reported decline in PC sales.

According to a report in Computerworld, in the last 12 months, global usage of mobile technology has increased by 7 percent. This number represents an increase from the prior year of 53 percent.

"Usage share gains have come at the expense of what StatCounter defines as 'desktop,' a category that includes both desktop and notebook PCs, primarily powered by Microsoft's Windows and Macs running Apple OS X," Computerworld noted. "Desktop browser usage dropped 2 percentage points to 80 percent in the last three months, and fell 7 points in the last 12."

InfoWorld notes that in September 2009, when Computerworld began tracking mobile browser usage, 98.9 percent of browser activity was on the desktop. This was 7 months before Apple began selling its first iPad.

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