Microsoft Edge gets much-awaited extensions


It's a happy day for Windows Insiders.

Yesterday Microsoft announced that it finally shipped a beta release of Microsoft Edge with extensions support to its early adopter community.

Preview customers now can customize their Windows 10 browser with these three preview extensions:

  • Microsoft Translator, which automatically translates foreign language webpages into more than 50 different languages;

  • Mouse Gestures, which lets you right-click and then gesture with your mouse to perform common browsing tasks, such as jumping back a page or closing a tab; 

  • and an "early preview version" of the popular Reddit Enhancement Suite, which lets you customize how you browse Reddit.

Popular extensions from Microsoft partners are also slated to appear later this year, the company said. These include extensions from AdBlock, Adblock Plus, Amazon, LastPass, Evernote and others.

Beta users can download the three preview extensions at Microsoft did not specify when customers might expect to see a public release of these extensions, only that the extensions would be available to everyone through the Windows Store when ready.

The announcement, made on the Windows Experience Blog, also reminded customers that building "the safest, most reliable and fastest browser we could build" remained a high priority for Microsoft.

In other words, plan on being patient, now and in the coming months.

For more:
- see Microsoft's blog post

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