Many organizations ill-prepared for today's top technologies


When it comes to the adoption of mobility, social networks, cloud computing and big data … things may not be as rosy as they seem for many organizations.

That was the message from new research by The Open Group, which surveyed businesses on how they really perceive some of the most hyped trends and technologies in IT. The survey found that over a quarter of businesses participating say they are not yet ready to deal with the convergence of many new technologies.

While the vast majority (95 percent) of organizations see potential value in the new technologies for their business, a large number say they are ill-equipped to take advantage of those technologies.

"The study, which was conducted in August and September by industry consortium The Open Group, named mobility, social networks, big data, cloud computing and the Internet of Things as trends where adoption did not live up to hype," Information Age noted recently.

Of those top technology trends, the research found that mobility has the greatest percentage of actual adopters, at 50 percent. The least was cited as the Internet of Things, at 17 percent.

Survey participants were also asked what the primary obstacles are to taking advantage of many of the new technologies. The most frequently cited problems encountered were:

  • Security (cited by 57 percent)
  • Vendor lock-in (cited by 51 percent)
  • Integration (cited by 45 percent)
  • Regulatory compliance (cited by 42 percent)

"Over the past few years, industry analysts and practitioners have noted the convergence of four to six technologies which offer the potential to create new business models and system designs," noted Dr. Chris Harding, forum director of Open Platform 3.0, a forum of The Open Group. "However, they also pose architectural issues and structural considerations which will need to be overcome in order for businesses to benefit. "Today's findings confirm the value of an open platform to protect users of these technologies from vendor lock-in."

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