IT association vows to make diversity hiring top priority


In the wake of several embarrassing diversity reports issued this summer by leading technology firms, the Information Technology Industry Council has vowed to make diversity hiring a top-level priority for the industry.

In a recent blog on the council's web site, Council chief executive Dean Garfield said "Silicon Valley needs the help of everyone from 'parents to policymakers' to root out the sector's diversity problem."

Garfield was referring to numerous diversity reports that have been made public in recent weeks that reveal that the tech industry is among the worst offenders of practicing diversity hiring in the workplace. This revelation is a tough pill to swallow for industry leaders who have stressed the need to encourage more young women to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, related fields.

If technology vendors aren't going to practice good diversity hiring, how is the industry going to change its male-oriented image to help close the STEM gap, critics argue.

"Until those numbers move, an entire generation risks missing out on good-paying jobs, and the tech industry will miss out on the unique experiences and perspectives of a diverse workforce," Garfield wrote.

Further, "We must spark this change together because the stakes are high. More than the future of our businesses depends on it," Garfield concluded.

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