The intersection of big data and business intelligence

Established BI vendors supporting Hadoop

Enterprises have been conducting big data analyses for years, but they tended to call it business intelligence. Today's big data imperative differs from traditional BI in addressing the vastly expanding variety, complexity and volume of  information, writes Cindi Howson, founder of BI Scorecard.

Over the past year, a number of BI vendors have said they will support Hadoop, the open source, highly scalable distributed file system. BI vendors offer ways to speed up Hadoop analysis by caching results of initial data explorations. SAP's Hana, MicroStrategy's OLAP Services, Tableau's Data Engine and QlikView's in-memory engine all play in this space, Howson writes in a post at InformationWeek.

Last week, Cloudera, the top supplier of Hadoop software, announced a real-time query engine for the platform, called Impala. Several BI vendors, including MicroStrategy, Pentaho, Tableau and QlikView, are supporting Impala, which Cloudera said will be made open source. Meanwhile, new vendors with a big data focus, including Datameer, Karmasphere and Platforma, are joining the scene. 

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