Inmarsat uses cloud to keep teams on same page

Cloud-based collaboration tools enable more productive document management.

Communications provider Inmarsat has long kept its customers' workforces connected in remote locations around the globe, but keeping its own far-flung teams on the same page has proven a challenge. To manage mission-critical documents, such as contracts, proposals and budgets, across Inmarsat's dispersed employees, the company has turned to cloud-based tools, writes Mark Fincham, chief information and communications technology architect at Inmarsat.

To collaborate efficiently, Inmarsat employees at different offices and in different disciplines needed to be able to add and edit content, provide comments and return documents to earlier versions, Fincham relates in a post at Baseline magazine.

Today, the company's finance, sales, marketing, human resources and vertical market staffs all use the same collaboration tools from KnowledgeTree to create documents. Wherever they are located, employees can add files to a central repository, where other employees can immediately access them for editing.

One of the trickier challenges in managing documents around the globe is keeping track of different versions so that employees are working on the latest one. With KnowledgeTree, Inmarsat teams can be alerted immediately to any modifications that are made, and they can revert to previous versions when they need to. Employees can make comments on documents in a dynamic "activity feed" rather than embedding the feedback within the text, making them more visible.

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- see Mark Fincham's post at Baseline

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