How to learn about your business

3 concrete steps to know your company better

To make a meaningful contribution to your company's strategic goals, you have to know the business really well. While business acumen doesn't necessarily come easy, there are at least three concrete steps you can take to acquire it, suggests Colby Stream in a post at TechRepublic.

You can begin by learning about other departments by reading their workflow documents and figuring out how they operate vis-a-vis your department.

Next, ask your own staff members to demonstrate their work routines and then compare those routines to productivity data. By seeing how the more productive employees work, you gain greater insight into the nature of the business.

A commonly suggested tactic for better understanding the business is to get away from your desk and walk around. You can walk around your own reports or you can walk around in the departments your team supports to find out where their pain points are. When doing the latter, you can help non-IT employees understand possible technology-related solutions to their problems

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- see Colby Stream's post at TechRepublic

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